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3 Amazing Endocrinology Hacks

3 Amazing Endocrinology Hacks

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About Obelit Obelit is a consulting firm highly specialized in CRM


We offer consulting services ranging from the CRM Strategy definition to the technical implementation.

We help our customers to avoid critical problems during the CRM implementation Project and we ensure higher performance and profitability with the CRM solution.

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We offer different types of services depending on the step where your CRM project is.

Business Case Consulting

We offer our expert consulting services to build your CRM business case. For most companies, it’s required that investments to new technologies (such as a new CRM project) needs to be financially justified. We will work together to make a robust and achievable business case for the CRM acquisition.


To take the best advantage of the CRM solution, there isn’t a better way than to provide your team with the abilities to use the CRM. Clients that invest in training, constantly report high levels of satisfaction with their CRM investment. We offer training options like on-site classes, private workshops, and more.


After purchasing our products, you will also have our technical support to help and resolve any issues that may arise, thus offering a complete service.

Implementing Consulting

We help our Customers to build a strategic roadmap for the CRM implementation, selecting the appropriate technology to meet their requirements and make the technical implementation of the CRM system. We have technical consultants with experience in implementing CRM to large, medium and small scale, whether implementing on site or in the cloud.

Diagnosis and Assessment Results

In order to achieve the best possible results for the benefit of your CRM Project, we make a diagnosis and evaluation of your CRM Strategy to understand which are the main needs in order to provide an optimized and qualified service. If you already have a CRM solution, we also have an evaluation program to rate your implementation and make recommendations that will provide better benefits.

Products We perform CRM implementations using technology strategically


Sonnar CRM

Use sales, customer service, marketing and loyalty programs all in one place. Enable mobility, e-mail, call center, web and points of sale as integrated communication channels. Most of the things that companies want are here. Improve your sales and increase the customer retention and satisfaction. Create better marketing campaigns and increase profitability.

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Oracle - Sales Cloud

Obtain the client’s compromise faster and close a larger number of operations with Sales Cloud. Provide your team the processes, tools, resources, and the necessary intelligence to increase the income.

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Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the world's most complete CRM solution, helps organizations achieve maximum top- and bottom-line growth and deliver great customer experiences across all channels, touchpoints, and devices.

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